Uploading A File

1. Emails Should be in One Column

While uploading the list for cleaning, make sure that the email addresses are in one column. If in case the uploaded list holds emails in multiple columns, you will be again asked to reupload the list. You can download the sample list here

2. Uploading List with Multiple Fields

You can easily upload an email list with different fields. All you will have to ensure is that the email addresses must be in single columns. For better email list cleaning speed, we suggest uploading email list with just email addresses.

3.Uploading Multiple List for Cleaning

Yes you are absolutely free to upload multiple files for cleaning. As informed above, all that matters for a proper cleaning process is that the email addresses must be in one column. That’s it.!

4. Best Way to Upload File

Before uploading a CSV, it is always a good idea to open your list in a spreadsheet editor (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc or Google Sheets) and save as a CSV. These programs ensure that your CSV is properly formatted. Before uploading the email list, just make sure that there are no commas (,) anywhere.