Understanding & Downloading Results

What results will I get after the cleaning process is done?
Once the list cleaning procedure is done, you will be able to be provided with two email list in the results. One list will be cleaned list that will hold all valid email address.

Whereas the other one named as a detailed email list will provide you the information about each email address. You will be able to know how an email is considered as valid and invalid.

What is a verified list?
A cleaned email list is a list that is obtained after an email list is processed through a different process of the email verification system. The cleaned list holds the most accurate or preferable email addresses whom one can send emails without any deliverability issues.

What is a unified email list?
The unified email list showcases the different response which is recorded when an email list is undergone through an email verification process. In the detailed email list, you will be able to see the response which is received from the receivers’ end.

How can I download these results?
You don’t have to anything. Every report will be directly emailed to you once the cleaning process is done. The cleaned and detailed email list will be directly sent over your registered email address.

What is the difference between verified and unified email list?
Verified list contains a list of the email address to whom you can send emails without any bounce or deliverability issues. Whereas the unified email list informs about the response recorded for the email addresses that are gone through the verification process.

Which list do I need to use for sending emails? Verified or unified email list.
Verified .! Without any single thought, you can send emails to the verified list.

Where can I check the detailed description of the email response status?
We have made a dedicated page where you can learn about the


What is the status of emails which are in the verified list?
The cleaned email list holds email address which has a status of “Ok”. The email address with the response stats as “Ok” are the real email address or real people to whom when you send emails will be successfully delivered to them.

Can I send emails with the status as “catch_all” ?
Even though email addresses with status as “catch_all” are valid, we cannot assure you that sending emails to them will reach their inboxes. There is a huge possibility that they will land in their junk folder.

What does antispam technology mean?
If any email address response status is shown as “antispam technology”, that means the email address is linked with some procedure.process that is stopping the verification process.