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April 25, 2020 / Amazon SES

Amazon SES is the world-leading SMTP service provider and owns to send billions of emails monthly or maybe more. They are the leader when it comes to delivering emails to inbox and no doubts why almost 95% market prefers Amazon SES  for sending their emails.

But on the contrary, they have very strict policies when it comes to violating their email sending policies.  One such policy is having high bounce reports against the email sending when you’re sending through Amazon SES.

If they found that your email sending is continually high bounce reports, then they might suspend your Amazon SES account email sending. Here is one such email sent to a customer who was having high bounce reports –


From: Amazon Web Services, Inc. <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Jan 21, 2019, 5:01 PM
Subject: Amazon SES Immediate Bounce Sending Pause for AWS Account ***********
To: <******@********>


There’s an issue related to your Amazon SES account that requires your attention. This message contains more information about these issues and some information that might help you resolve them.

We only change your sending status in order to protect your reputation as a sender and to ensure that other SES customers’ ability to send email isn’t impacted. We may pause your account’s ability to send email so that you have time to address these issues. When you fix these issues, we’ll restore your account’s ability to send email.

You’re listed as the primary contact for AWS account ***********. We placed your SES account in the US East (N. Virginia) Region under review on Jan 21, 2019. This review period has ended, but the issue appears to have worsened since the review period began. For this reason, we’re temporarily pausing your account’s ability to send email until you resolve the issue.

Your current bounce rate is 16.04%. We measured this rate over the last 44,156 eligible emails* you sent. Our analysis covers the last 3 days.

We recommend that you maintain a bounce rate below 5%. If your bounce rate exceeds 10%, we might pause your ability to send an additional emails.

The bounce rate is based on the number of hard bounces that occur as a result of the emails you send. A hard bounce occurs when an email address doesn’t exist.


So the Amazon SES team has suspended the email sending until the customer fixes the bounce issues.

In most cases, people are not aware of fixing the bounce issue and ultimately leads to their Amazon SES account closure.

Let’s see how exactly this bounce issue can be fixed.


What is email bounce? 

As the name “bounce” itself describes that when you send something it comes back to you after hitting the target. The same is the case with bounce emails.

When you send emails newsletter to any email address that does not exist or is invalid, then the emails newsletter is never delivered to them and they bounce back to the server who has sent it, which in this case is Amazon SES.

Learn more about email bounce here


What are the effects of email bounce?

If the bounce reports are for your email sending is regularly high, then it will start impacting the email deliverability of the server through which you’re sending emails. You will see a drop in email opens, clicks, and ultimately your conversion. ISPs keep eye on the bounce percentage for every email server based on which they accept emails.

In the worst-case scenario, ISP will block can block server and they will not accept a single email. That’s why Amazon SES is strict about high bounce reports and takes action against the customer who keeps on violating the email sending policies.


How to fix email bounce issues?

As discussed above you know that the bounce issue arises because of the bad and invalid email address. So the only solution here is to find out emails that are responsible for bounce and remove them from the email list. This whole process of removing bad and invalid emails that are responsible for a bounce is known as email list cleaning.

There are other names as well for the email list cleaning processes like email scrubbing, email list hygiene, email verification, and email validation.


How to do email list cleaning?

Various third-party services offer email list cleaning services. One such popular email list cleaning service provider is EmailsNDomains. They will help to get your list cleaned up from emails that cause high bounces.

What’s the best part of EmailsNDomains service is that manually trigger each email through their thousand of servers to know whether they can revive any email newsletter or not.

About the results, they offer more than 97% accurate results and provide you with the list of valid and invalid emails. You will be amazed to know that they gather the SMTP response for every email address based on which the provide the stats for emails. Isn’t amazing?


Here’s what you need to reply for enabling Amazon SES account email sending?

Once you’re done with cleaning your email list, reply Amazon SES team informing that you have cleaned your list and you will be sending emails to only valid emails. Attached the payment invoice as well which received while cleaning the email list for third party service. This will act as evidence.

Apart from this, let them know that you have set up Amazon SNS Notifications for managing bounce. If you missed doing Amazon SNS Notifications, make sure to do that as well. The ESP which you’re must have documentation for this.

That’s it. Just mail them up and get reinstate Amazon SES account email sending.

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