Pricing & Billing

On what basis the email list cleaning plans based on?
The email list cleaning plans are based on the number of emails you want to clean. We don’t have any monthly or yearly subscription, and we charge only for the verification done.

What is email credit?
One email credits is equal to one email verification.

How can I make the payment?
You can pay either through credit card or PayPal. Just in case you need to pay via some other means, you simply reach us here.

Can I purchase multiple plans?
Yes, you can purchase as many plans as you want to buy. We don’t have any subscription-based module on pricing.

Will I get an invoice for my purchase?
Yes for sure, you will be getting an invoice of every purchase you will be making at EmailsNDomains. Just incase you want to make some changes over the invoice or want to have the invoice again.

Can I have a custom plan as per my requirement?
Yes we do provide custom plans as well. You can simply get in touch with us at [email protected]

I don’t have PayPal to make the payment. What can I do ?
No worries at all. We do accept payments via card as well. You will have options of either making the payment via PayPal or via the card. Just incase you would make the payment via other means, simply contact us.

I would like to get a trial plan prior to my purchase. Is this possible?
If you’re looking to clean more than 1M emails, and have doubts in your mind regarding the results, then you can contact us for getting the trial plan.