How to Reduce Spam Complaints in Email Marketing

May 8, 2019 / Email Marketing


Spam Complaints.!

Are you one of those email marketers who hates to talk about the word “Spam Complaints”?  If your answer is yes, then you’re probably one of me who knows what Spam Complaint implies to and how badly it can ruin your hard work.

Being an email marketer is not an easy task, where each one of us must have faced the consequence of having high spam complaints against our email marketing campaigns somewhere.  The consequences holds running the email deliverability, low conversions, and the worst, ending up with the suspension of ESP account.

In this post, I’m going to showcase the steps which you should follow in order to reduce and cope up with the spam complaints against your email marketing campaigns.

To be precise, let’s start from what exactly is “Spam Complaints”.

What are Spam Complaints?

When you send emails to anyone, and if they mark your email as spam or junk, then immediately a report knows as abuse report is generated. This abuse report is sent to recipients ISP, which is then passed to the ESP through which the email was sent out.

Ultimately the ISP, then informs you that abuse reports have been recorded against your email campaigns and correspondingly takes the desired action to make ensure you adhere to their email sending standards.

In email marketing industry these abuse reports are most commonly termed as “Spam Complaints”. Read here how Wikipedia defines Spam Complaints

Now let’s catch up the ways following which you can effectively reduce spam complaints –

Take Consent

Make sure to have proper permission for sending emails to your subscribers. Work upon your list building techniques with the proper opt-in process, and ensure that your subscriber is acknowledged about the fact for what they are subscribing. Put a proper confirmation channel so that only legitimate subscribers are on your email list

At last, just make sure that you always follow GDPR.

Brand Yourself Properly

Showcase as much as you can to your subscribers, since it helps your subscribers to recognize you easily, thus reduces any chance of being marked as spam.

Start with an introduction about yourself, and slowly step toward having more familiar with your subscribers. Prefer using business email addresses for reaching your subscribers, instead of using personal email addresses. Try placing a signature of yourself at the bottom of emails, which helps them to easily recognize you.


Brand Yourself Properly

Notify your subscribers properly for what they are subscribing to and what sort of email newsletters you will be sending them whether it will be promotional emails about the product, offers and so on.

Provide the option to choose how frequently they want to receive newsletter from your like daily, weekly or monthly; which ultimately help you keep away from unwanted spam complaints.


Send Content Rich Emails

Draft your email newsletter effectively with relevant stuff that provides value to all your subscribers. Try to personalize your content for each of your subscribers since that opens the door of one to one communication.

Keep working on optimizing your email content, segmenting your subscriber list, and constantly look for ways that boom your email newsletter engagements.


Stay Away from Purchased

Keep distance from people who sell email database stating that we’re going to provide you targeted list through which can make big conversions. They are all liar.

Never engage is sending emails to purchase email database as that will ultimately cause you to high complaints rates and will heavily ruin all the efforts that you put in your email campaigns.


Visible Opt-Out Link

What could be the easiest way to work upon reducing spam complaints..? The answer is to provide an easily visible unsubscribe link in your emails. Nowadays, it’s suggested putting the unsubscribe link at the top and bottom of emails, so that any subscriber who does not like your email can easily opt out using these link instead of marking your email as spam.

The easier the option out ways, lower the spam complaints.


Don’t Knock Unnecessarily

Closely monitor the frequency of your email campaigns, as sending too many emails to the subscribers can annoy them leading to spam complaints against you; whereas the low frequency of email, campaigns might result in scenarios where they didn’t recognize you or who you’re.

You will have to put a balance between how frequently you reach your subscribers. Monitor the timing as well as which you send emails, as that is a prime factor how easily your emails are checked by your subscribers.


Maintain List Hygiene

List hygiene means keeping your email database clean from all fake, invalid and bad email addresses that could harm your email marketing campaigns. In general, it’s always recommended to get your email list clean every time prior to sending.

The worst consequence of not maintaining list hygiene is that spam traps emails will get listed on your subscriber list, and sending emails to them will lead to getting listed in ISP blacklistings.

Read here my another post on list hygiene – Clean Email List: How I Increased My Email Marketing ROI by 97%

At Last.

I hope you will follow the above steps which I’ve jotted down from my experience in the email marketing industry from the last couple of years.

Still, I’m learning daily how one can handle the spam complaints. Do let me know how these steps helped you out.

And just in case you think, I missed some point to mention, the below comment box is all yours. Feel free to share them with me.

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