How To Increase Email Deliverability in 2019

May 17, 2019 / Email Marketing



Have you ever faced a situation where you worked hard for some email marketing campaign but its performance was not as expected?

You must have felt disappointed that even after investing hours in this campaign, the open rates are below an average open rate.

I believe you haven’t given up here in fact, you must have tried to cope up with this whole situation by crafting the same email template again and make it more responsive this time so, it catches the eye of subscribers and urges them to open your newsletter.

Yet again, you haven’t received satisfactory results even after making so many changes in your email pattern.

Now, by this time you must have -become helpless, like nothing you could do to rectify your email stats.

Trust me, as I have faced the exact scenario so I can tell that major element on which your email performance relies upon is “Email Deliverability”.

Anything affecting email deliverability will be responsible for the downfall of your email marketing campaign. And in return, it will automatically dwindle other email metrics like your ROI, open rates and click-through rates etc..

So, for a successful email marketing analytics, you should first focus on increasing email deliverability rates and then plan other email strategies for each campaign.

But before enumerating the ways for increasing Email Deliverability, let us first try to assimilate the meaning of email deliverability.


What is Email Deliverability?

Many of us get confused between Email Delivery and Email Deliverability. They are inter-related but have different meaning and role to play in email marketing.

The term “Email Delivery” refers to the transmission of email to the intended recipient’s mailbox i.e., whether the email which you have sent, has been accepted by user’s email client (like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc) or not?

Whereas, “Email Deliverability” refers to the exact location of an email in the mailbox i.e., where it has landed in your recipient’s mailbox. Whether it is delivered to his inbox, spam, promotions or in any other tab.

That is why the chances of getting high open rates are mostly depended on good email deliverability. As they are both directly proportional to each other.

Therefore, better the email deliverability – higher the open rates…!


Ways to Improve Email Deliverability –

By now, since you are aware of the role of Email Deliverability in email marketing, let’s unfold the best practices which can help you increase email deliverability and make you hit your subscriber’s inbox.


1.) Cross-check your “Sender IP Address” –

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is the numeric value assigned to each device connected with the internet and with the help of these IP address, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) examine the sending behaviour of your emails.

So your sender IP address should not be blacklisted.

If by any chance your IP gets blacklisted, then your whole IP range will be get blocked from delivering future emails.

Also, in some cases where Email Service Providers (ESPs) allow email sending of their customers on the shared IP pool. In this IP pool, they put together all types of users involving users with top-level domains(TLDs) and users with low sending domain reputation.

Having said that, individuals with TLDs can face a set back in their email performance and to this, the users with low sender reputation will correspondingly see a boon in their email sending results.

Thus, to increase email deliverability, I will suggest you check the status of your IP address. Also, if you have a big project in hand then, you should move to a dedicated IP plan for better deliverability of your emails.


2.) Maintain your “Sender Domain Reputation” –

The email deliverability to your customer’s inbox is largely depended on your sender domain reputation. If you have a low sender domain reputation then your emails will end up in spam folder. However, if you are using any domain with high reputation then probably your inbox placement rate will increase.

Moreover, ISPs are watchdogs of every email being sent over the internet. So, you will have to make sure that the email address from which you are sending emails is safe, it’s website is linked to your original domain name, along with this the site must be legitimate and active.

To improvise your email deliverability, focus on building a good sender domain reputation because “your domain is your identity”.


3.) Verify “SPF & DKIM Records” before sending emails –

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) are mandatory records which need to be verified by the sender of an email marketing campaign.

SPF configuration confirms that the email is allowed to be sent from given IP address.

And DKIM detects the person who is sending emails from a particular “From address“ is actually the owner of that domain.

All the Anti-spam entities and ISPs transmit email to the receiver’s mailbox, only when these records are verified.

These verification processes are imposed by spam regulatory to check phishing activities and recognize fake senders. So verify your DMARC, SPF & DKIM records while sending bulk emails to boost your email deliverability and gain the trust of anti-spam agencies.


4.) Send emails to double opt-in list –

Email deliverability will definitely increase if you are sending emails to the double-opt-in list. This list consists of the email address who have willingly agreed to receive email campaign from you, it makes them further interested in your future email blasts as well.

So, sending emails to engaged users not only build your bonafide image in the eye of ISPs but also helps you generate more open or click-through rates.

Otherwise, sending emails to unwanted users or purchased list can increase your spam rates and later get you blocked by ISPs.


5.) Clean your email list –

A lot of ESPs are becoming vigilant about their bounce & spam standards. They immediately put your account on hold if you’ve crossed their threshold limits of bounce and spam.

To avoid such devasted situations, get your list cleaned and scrubbed. For reference, you check that how I Increased My Email Marketing ROI by 97% through the cleaned list.

Getting your list cleaned is the instant solution to boost up the delivery and deliverability rates.


6.) Use personalization tags in your email templates –

Email deliverability is typically higher when you use personalized tags in your email shots.

It not only increase open rates moreover it gives an implication to the ISPs that you have a list of engaged subscribers.


7.) Send quality content & avoid spam subject lines –

Subject lines bribe the user to open an email and get to know more about the email template. Always give a keen look at your subject line before sending any marketing campaign.

Even the text message of your e-shots should carry the relevant information corresponding to the nature of your intended audience.

Moreover, go through your previous email patterns and check that what is lacking.

To achieve more deliverability, avoid too many exclamation marks, prevent URL shorteners, do not use spammy words like “free, make money etc.”.


8.) Streamline your unsubscribe button –

Being marked as unsubscribed by any user is better than getting marked as spam. In fact, you should not prevent the unsubscribe button rather make it easy for the users to catch it.

When, any user who is not interested in your email, he marks your email as spam which increases your complaint rates and consequently your ESP account may get suspended due to high “Spam or Complaint rates”.

By praising such uninterested users to use your “Unsubscribe Button” will restraint them from rising your spam rate and will refine your list with intent users only.

This, way you can increase your deliverability rate by sending emails to a segment of an interested audience.


9.) Send correct frequency of emails with accurate volume –

You should always start sending email from low volume and gradually increase the sending limit of emails.

Also, if you’re just sending daily newsletters to your user, will annoy them and make them frustrated. So, don’t be a pain for any of your users and fill their mailbox with your series of email templates.

Marketers always recommend sending email campaigns – once in a week or twice a week. This will make them aware of your brand or company.

According to research, the best day for sending an email campaign is “Tuesday” as open rates are comparatively higher on this day of the week.

Hence, send your emails to the right audience, at the right time and at right frequency will definitely contribute to increasing your email deliverability.


10.) Monitor blacklisting of your IPs or Domains –

Regularly monitor your sender IP/ Domain address and prevent them from being blacklisted.

If you are sending emails from IP or domain which is blacklisted then all your emails will be landed in the junk folder of your subscribers. In case if you get blacklisted check you’re the status of your sending Ip or Domain on Mx-toolbox and delist them soon.

Final Words-

There are many factors which influence the email deliverability of a campaign but I have tried my best to cover all the major components and summarised the complexity of email deliverability in the easiest way.

Since, in my past, I have struggled with the same ups and downs and fought the battle of improving email deliverability while sending a series of marketing campaigns.

I hope the practices alluded in this post, will help you overcome the challenges related to email deliverability. You can also check out 6 Crazy Hacks To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

And, if I’ve missed anything, then please feel free to give your feedback in the below comment section.

Thank you and wish you all the luck with your email marketing success..!



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