Getting Started Guide

1. No Hassle of creating an account

The best part about EmailsNDomains is that you don’t have to go through the steps of creating any account or anything like that. Simply visit EmailsNDomains at, choose your plan and pay. That’s it you need to do.

2. Pick the plan which suits you

Once you’re on EmailsNDomains page, move to the pricing section and based on the number of emails that you need to verify, simply select your plan. Once you select the plan, you will be redirected to another page for uploading the list and making the payment.

3. Upload List & Make Payment

You’re on the payment page after you have selected any plan.

You will have to simply fill your personal information like name, email, etc. Then,  you will have to upload you email list. And at last, simply make the payment.

Horray.! You’re all set and your list is under process.

4. Get The Results Over Your Email

Once you’re done with uploading the email list and making the payment, you will receive an confirmation that your list is under cleaning process and will be provided to you shortly.

In results i.e. the cleaned and detailed email list will directly sent to you over your registered email address.

The cleaned list is the list to which you can send emails without any deliverability issues. Incase you need to know the status of each email address that you have submiited for cleaning, then check the detailed email list, In the detailed email list, you will be able to know the response of each email address.