5 Alternatives of Clearout Email Verification Service

June 21, 2020 / Email Verification


Clearout is a popular name in the email list cleaning and validation industry. A lot of marketers and SMB preferred Clerout for scrubbing their email database. The only concern with Clearout is its pricing structure which does not seems to be an affordable option.

No worries. Here are the 11 best alternatives to Clearout bulk email verification service that you can surely go ahead with for verifying your email database.

1. EmailNDomains
2. Kickbox
3. Emailchecker
4. Xverify
5. KickBox
6. Neverbounce
7. Zerobounce
9. Hunter
10. Mailfoss
11. EmailListVerify

Now let’s check out about each of them one by one –

1. EmailsNDomains

If you are looking forward to a brief status of email address whether they are valid or invalid, then EmailNDomains is the service you need to opt for. You will have complete stats for each email address whether their recipient server is able to receive emails or no. They are using a process which is generating 98% accurate verification results.

You can do bulk email verification and single email verification with EmailsNDomains. Apart from getting cleaned list, you can also get a list of invalid emails and can update your email database as well.


How much EmailsNDomains cost?

You can start with their trial plan where you can clean 500 emails for free and can see how accurate results they are providing. They have plans ranging from 1000 emails to 10M emails.  Their smallest plan will just cost $3 for cleaning and is one of the affordable alternatives to Clearout.

2. Kickbox

Another popular alternative is Kickbox. Their mission is to “Ensure customers with opt-in contacts get their message to the inbox and to prevent all the rest from hitting Send“. Kickbox aims to achieve high email deliverability by removing email address that no longer exists.

The best part is about there’s comprehensive email verification results and support team which are all customer focussed.

How much Kickbox cost?

Kickbox has a plan which allows to very 100 email address absolutely free of cost. Talking about the plans, the minimum plan is $5 where you can clean 1000 emails, where are the largest plan they have is of 1M emails which cost $4000. They are bit costlier but if you are concern about the quality then you can go ahead with Kickbox.

3. Emailchecker

Emailchecker tends to have the most user-friendly email verification dashboard. They have verified more than 19 Billion emails until now. Whether its single email verification, bulk email verification, or real-time API verification, they feature all options that are needed by any business. And yes they do have integration with most of the business tools.

How much Emailchecker cost?

So EmailChecker thinks about their customers that’s why they offer to pay as you go plans along with the subscriptions as well. You can go with any of them based upon your email verification requirements. There’s pay as you go plan starts from $14 where you can get 1000 emails cleaned. Whereas the subscription plans start from $10 per month

4. Xverify

Xverify, one of the oldest email verification solutions that help you reducing bounce. They have advanced technologies which help out in scrubbing email address that does not exist and all spam traps emails. Being in the email industry for such a long time, they are now also offering phone number verification and address verification too. Talking about integrations, they have major integration with email marketing providers like Active Campaign, MailChimp, and few online form solutions like Jotform, FormStack.

How much Xverify cost?

Xverify plans are based as per the number of emails that you want to clean. In general, they charge $0.0100 per email verification, which goes on decreasing if your email verification volume increase. Like if you want to clean more 2.5M email address, you will have to pay at the rate of $0.0010 per email.

5. Hunter

Hunter is one cool alternative Clearlout when it comes to getting an email list verified with accurate results. Along with providing email verification service, they also provide email finding service. They are one the favorite one among the marketers and bloggers.

They offer bulk email verification, single email verification, and real-time API verification with a 24*7 support team.

How much Hunter cost?

They are a bit heavier pricing starting fro $49 per month where you can verify 1000 emails. Each month you get an extra 50 email credits for free. If you are enterprise then you can consider reaching them directly as their enterprise plans are the most preferred ones.

Which one is the best?

The top spot owned by the “EmailsNDomains” email verification service is obviously you should go with. They are the best email verification service provider and currently delivery more than 99% accurate results. Your bounce rate will surely be going to cut down to around 2% and you are going to get good business conversions.

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