Clean Email List: How I Increased My Email Marketing ROI by 97%

January 29, 2019 / Email Marketing

You read it correctly. I was able to increase my email marketing ROI by almost 97%.

The trick which I preferred to clean email list prior before sending emails was so far my best investment.

It is not wrong to say that “Email Marketing” is by far the best way of promoting business online –

It’s quick; it’s easy and it’s cost effective..!

The major asset on which entire email marketing strategies revolve around is – “Email List”.

It doesn’t matter which source you select for building your email list because believe it or not, you would still not be sure how many of those email addresses are real one’s.

This was the question that was bothering aggressively me, and then somehow I came to know about verifying the email addresses, which was more commonly know as email list cleaning.

I gathered more information about email list cleaning and finally ended up investing to clean all my email list.

Fast forward, I putting forward the things which I was able to understand after I did email list cleaning prior to sending my marketing and promotional emails.

1.) Less Investment and High Revenue 

Email Marketing can be cost-effective if you know what parameters you need to take into consideration and move forward. One such parameter is the number of subscribers you own.

The pricing plans of every ESP relies upon the number of subscribers you will be storing in the account.

For instance, if you have a list comprising 60K subscribers, then you will have to get a plan that can accommodate those 60K subscribers.

Now, what if this subscriber list contains dead emails?

If it is happening, then clearly you are paying for something less worth.

So, instead of paying more for unwanted users first, cleaning email list that will help you remove inactive users.

Once these uses are removed, your subscribers’ list will also decrease in number. Based on the verified emails which you receive after the cleaning process, you can then purchase the lower plan and reduce your unnecessary ESP’s cost.

2.) Sender Domain Reputation Increases 

Before knowing how list cleaning helps you in building a good sender domain reputation, it’s better to understand the actual meaning of sender domain reputation.

In simple terms, “Sender Domain Address” is the custom email address from which you send bulk emails to your users, for example- [email protected] or [email protected]

Each domain is subjected to its own reputation which has to be maintained according to the standards fixed by Email Security Checkers, MailBox or Internet Services providers & other such governing bodies who first monitors the email content, check it’s source address or sender email address and then decides to place that email in recipient’s inbox or spam folder depending on the reputation.

Keeping this in mind, if you are sending emails to addresses which are already in the blocked list of ISPs and Email Clients then probably your domain can be marked as suspicious.

List Cleaning will help you to remove such addresses which were banned by the SMTP servers, who cannot receive your emails. If you are maintaining your list hygiene and sending emails to valid users only then, you will be able to prevent your domain from getting blacklisted.

3. Increase Deliverability & Email Open Rates

Email deliverability has become the major point of concern for Email Marketers. Sending newsletters to a list of engaged subscribers boosts up email deliverability, which consequently increases your open rates and click-through rates.

So make sure your list is cleaned and verified because if you have a qualified list of subscribers then, you can shoot an email blast to them which will probably deliver in their inbox. Once an email hit the inbox then chances of opening that emails are comparatively higher to those emails which dive in a junk folder.

4. Increases Sales

If you are sending emails to raw data that includes inactive or unmanaged lists then possibly your conversion rate can decrease as you are giving attention to the addresses which have no value. The fact is – with increased audience your planned operation will get affected as you are engrossing your minds on the leads which will give zero response.

Instead, list validation rectifies this mess by providing more refined data in hand – which is bounce free & consists of active emails only. And since these filtered emails will not bounce back, so your sales-oriented campaigns will receive innumerable click-through rates with augmented conversions.

5. Bounce Rates Decreases

Email list cleaning will help you to get rid of the scrap emails, that can adversely affect the bounce ratio of your email campaigns.

By cleaning your email list, it helps to fetch out invalid, bad & spam traps email, and remove it. The preferred bounce rate should be always less than 8%. If it crosses 8%, you will see a dramatic change in your email campaign stats.

Final Words.

To conclude, if you want your bounce rates to fall down, get increased open rates with high email deliverability that leads to sales conversion then, clean email list before shooting your next email campaign. For better results, you can start this soon by cleaning your lists through EmailsNDomains list cleaning service, which just at $2 price.

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