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June 11, 2019 / Email Verification

Email Marketing is the most preferable online strategy for connecting large audiences. Its success depends on the intended subscribers, to whom you are sending emails.

But what if your subscriber’s list consists of invalid email addresses!

Do you think, that your marketing campaign will achieve expected results?

Identically, it will be like reaching to an address which does not exist in actual. This will only give delivery issues and nothing else.

So, to avoid such situations, one should undergo an email list verification process, before shooting an email blast.

What is Email List Verification? 

“Email list Verification” is the process of ascertaining the credibility of an email list.

The whole procedure rest on various methods, which identifies void emails, remove them and render validated list.

Since it’s not possible to manually check each email in the bulk lists. Therefore, there are some third-parties or dedicated services, who perform this task for you.

I have enumerated the list of best Email Verification Services which you can use, to get rid of dirty emails from your list. Here they are –

1. EmailsNDomains 

Emailsndomains is an online email verification service, who has gained immense popularity in a short span of time. This is because of its premium quality cleaning results and affordable price range.

You don’t have to make a decision on the basis of price over quality. Its a flexible pricing structure caters the need of every individual whether- having a small industry or owning a realm.
It offersPay As You Go system in which, the most basic plan starts from 1000 emails at $2, reaching to: 
  • $4 for 5,000 Email Credits   
  • $10 for 10K  Email Credits 
  • $24 for 25K Email Credits 
  • $40 for 50K Email Credits   
  • $60 for 75K Email Credits   
  • $80 for 100K Email Credits
  • $160 for 250K Email Credits
  • $220 for 500K  Email Credits
  • $300 for 1 Million Email Credits
  • $600 for 2.5 Million Email Credits

Talking about the quality, it removes email addresses causing deliverability failure, low sender reputation, high bounce & complaint rates.  It does not offer API integration though it allows you with a hassle-free verification process. So you can easily upload the list and get cleaned results in minimal time.

The 24*7 support team got you covered at every stage by providing results within the estimated time.

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2. ZeroBounce


An elite Email Validation Service running in almost more than 100 countries. It has the membership in Certified Senders Alliance [CSA]. Besides this, received Affy Award for Outstanding Internet Achievement in 2018.

Plans are available on the basis of “one time & monthly” payment with no expiry date. So you will be provided with the remaining credits.

Below are there plans –        

  • $40 for 2,000 Email Credits
  • $120 for 15,000 Email Credits 
  • $400 for 50,000 Email Credits 
  • $800 for 200,000 Email Credits 
  • $1100 for 500,000 Email Credits 
  • $1590 for 1M Email Credits 

ZeroBounce not only strikes out spam traps and reduces bounce emails, but also identifies missing details like names & gender, etc.

Additionally, it offers “ZeroBounce A.I.” which rates the addresses on their worth by using artificial intelligence. This gives a quality score to detect the validity of “catch-all emails”.

Since the pricing is expensive for small industries or startups. So, ZeroBounce is best suited for big enterprises who earn high ROI.

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3. NeverBounce


NeverBounce is a trusted solution for real-time verification and cleaning of emails.

It’s Real Time Verification feature allows you to integrate with unlimited external solutions. So you can verify single and bulk emails through it’s API, Javascript widget, Webhook, or Dashboard.

Pricing plan consists of “Pay As You Go” rates along with monthly billing option. 

The initial plan starts from 10K at $80 and reaches up to 100K, 250K, 1000K email credits at the cost of $500, $1000 and $3000 respectively.

It verifies the email list in less turn-around time and provides satisfactory results. NeverBounce is suitable for all types of organizations.

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4. EmailListVerify 

EmailListVerify is the most renowned email verification tool. It removes spam traps, emails with syntax error, trash addresses, hard bounces, etc.. and boom your inbox placement rates.

The API for real-time verification enables you to detect “Catch-all-emails” and filters them on a prior basis, so they cannot violate your subscriber’s database.

Along with this, it easily integrates with professional ESPs like MailChimp, Mailerlite, Sendgrid, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, Benchmark, Constant Contact and many more.

Provides simple user-interface where you can manage your email list and see the reports of your cleaned data without facing any difficulty.

Well, unlike other email verifiers, it’s pricing plans are attainable starting from $4 for 1000 emails and increases up to –

  • 10K Emails for $24          
  • 50K Emails for $89
  • 100K Emails for $169       
  • 500K Emails for $449
  • 1 Million Emails for $599   
  • 5 Million Emails for $1990.

You can pay for what you need as there are no monthly payments. Even, it’s email credit never expires, which includes API feature irrespective of any plan you buy. EmailListVerify meets the need of all kinds of firms.

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5. QuickEmailVerification 


QuickEmailVerifcation is a prominent service provider for validating emails. It protects sender reputation and increases ROI by making the list bounce free.

Graphical analytics saves your time and helps you understand the stats more quickly. Also, offers Real-Time email verification API to keep a check on every single email entering through the web form.

There is no upfront fee or any expiry limit on the pricing plans as the “pay as you go” option is available. The verification plan begins with 500 Emails at a cost of $4 and continuing to –

  • 1000 Emails for $8 
  • 5K Emails for $35
  • 10K Emails for $60       
  • 50K Emails for $200
  • 100K Emails for $320         
  • 500K Emails for $900
  •  1 Million Emails for $1350 
  • 5 Million Emails for $3500

Above is “One Time” paid plans, whereas; if you want to verify emails on a daily basis then, you may opt for a monthly plan. They start with 500 credits at $25 and extends to $900 for 50K per month. It is appropriate for startups and marketers. 

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6. BriteVerify

BriteVerify is an email list validation tool. It uses a geographical algorithm, to verify email addresses on the basis of the country. In fact, the existence of an email address is examined in real-time, without even sending the message.

Email Verification API is capable of integrating with a third-party application, web forms, mobiles devices, landing pages, etc.

It has a pricing model based on monthly volume, which gets cheaper with a high volume of emails. So if you verify between 250k – 500k per month the price drops to $0.008 and from 500k – 1m per month, the price drops to $0.006 an email. In case if you proceed between 1m – 2m per month the price drops to $0.005 an email.

Also, BriteVerify has “Pay as you go” option that charges $0.01 per email credit i.e,

  • $10 for 1000 Emails.
  • $100 for 10,000 Emails.
  • $500 for 50,000 Emails.
  • $1000 for 100,000 Emails 

The pricing is satisfactory only for the individuals looking out for enterprise plans. Not suitable for small firms or any beginner in email marketing.

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7. Kickbox


Another validation software that offers Real-time email verification API. Helps you get rid of void addresses from the email list and ensures 99% deliverability.

The first verification service to receive Privacy Shield certification. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your database as it has also become GDPR complaint. Kickbox verifies subscriber in real-time and connects with all Email Service Providers (ESPs). So, it will be easier for you to integrate with your preferred email application.

Also, you won’t get charged for unknown results. Besides this, the email credits will be carry forwarded to your account, which you can use later.

It’s basic plans is for 500 emails costing $5 and leads to the below –

  • $10 for  1000 Emails.
  • $70 for  10,000 Emails.
  • $250 for  50,000 Emails.
  • $400 for  100,000 Emails.
  • $750 for  250,000 Emails.
  • $1000 for  500,000 Emails.
  • $1000 for 1,000,000 Emails.
  • $2500 for 2,500,000 Emails.

There is no timeline or expiry on any of the above plans. Hence your account gets upgraded with remaining email credits for future use.  Kickbox is better for marketers and developers.

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So, you now have thorough knowledge about the best email list verification services prevailing in the market

I’ve used almost every service mentioned in the above listing, but if I had to select one then definitely “EmailsNDomains” will be on topAs compared to other services, it covers all the features and gives you a 99% result. Even the pricing plans are cheapest amongst all.

This was my opinion, but you can make your decision. And, please feel free to impart me with your experience while cleaning the list. 

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  1. Hello!
    Can I add one more great tool to this list?
    TrueMail (https://truemail.io/) is a great email verification tool.
    It’s very accurate and easy in use. It will quickly clean your list from invalid and dangerous email addresses.
    By the way, it has 1,000 free email verifications every month.