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July 7, 2019 / Email Verification

Sending bulk emails is not enough. In fact, being a sender, you have to make sure that your emails reach the target audience.

But what if the list to which you are sending emails, consists of stale or invalid contacts?

Will you still be able to hit the mailbox of your potential user?

I am afraid that the answer to the above statement is NO…!

Since unknown addresses debase email deliverability as well as increases your marketing budget. So in this manner, List Cleaning will be the definite answer to overcome such situation.

Manually cleaning each address from a bulk list, that too with complete accuracy is a tedious job for any individual. So, there are many third parties which offer email list cleaning service.

These list cleaning and validation services inspect the list, removes inactive users and then provides cleaned results which can be used in email send out.

Finding an email list cleaner is tough and to make it easier for you, I have come up with the following Best Email List Cleaning Service Providers –


1. Emailsndomains –

Emailsndomains is one of the best and cheapest email list cleaning service which removes defunct emails. Moreover, offers 99% quality clean results that help you get high deliverability rates.

It has a responsive support team which is available 24*7 to solve all your queries. So, unlike other services, you don’t have to wait for hours to get an answer for every single question.

Best for all kinds of individuals, irrespective of their business structure.

list cleaning service

Features –   

– It examines syntax errors and removes bounce.
– Filters valid & invalid emails, then produce a quality cleaned list of emails.
– No setup required, simply choose the plan and upload the list.
– It eliminates duplicate email and unwanted addresses as well.

Pricing –

Emailsndomains has a price range that covers the needs of all audiences. Its basic plan starts from just $2 for 2K verifications, reaching up to $300 for 1Million verifications. That is insane I know., but it is true…!


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2. ZeroBounce –

ZeroBounce is a top-notch email list cleaning service to win the Affy Award 2018 for outstanding internet performance. Its email verifier identifies invalid email addresses, typo mistakes and removes them. Also, enhances email delivery by evacuating spam traps and bounce emails from the list.


Features –

– Built in with military-grade data protection.
– Ensures high delivery of emails with guaranteed 98% accuracy.
– Appends your list with missing information like gender, full names or IP location.
– Optimize catch-all addresses with Zerbounce A.I. email scoring system.

Pricing –

ZeroBounce works proactively, providing various attributes contributing to a furnished email list.

Having said this, it’s composed of an organized pricing structure based on One Time License, and Subscription Billing. Here, the basic plan starts from $40 for 5K emails and $400 for 100K emails.

ZeroBounce offers prominent features, though it’s slightly expensive as compared to other services.


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3. NeverBounce –

NeverBounce is a trusted email verification and list cleaning platform, consistent with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. Additionally,  certified with Privacy Shield and E.U. – U.S. guidelines.

Features –

– Offers speedy turnaround time which is 2 to 10 minutes for 10K emails.
– Professes 99% delivery of emails.
– If bounce rate crosses 3% then, it returns the difference amount.
– Allows you to access, manage and share email credits with “Team Account”.

Pricing –

NeverBounce renders tiered payment options such as pay-as-go, bulk email credits, and monthly invoicing.

The price per email starts from $0.008 i.e., $80 for up to 10,000 emails. And, as you go for a higher plan, the price diminishes to $0.003 per email for 1 million lists viz., $3000.


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4. Xverify –

Xverify is a bulk email list cleaning and verification tool, that satisfies the digital needs. The solution eliminates hard bounces and detects fraud email addresses.

Additionally, it reduces spam complaints which is currently the major point of concern of email marketers.

Xverify email list verification

Features –

– Identify emails having a temporary account and associated with online fraudsters.
– Auto-correct faulty spelled domains (Ex: @gmail written as gmial).
– Controls deliverability via real-time verification.
– Provides 98% accuracy in results that cut down spam complaints.

Pricing –

No setup cost is required with Xverify.  It proffers Pay-as-you-go plans, starting from 5000 credits at $50 and reaches to 1,00,000 credits in $400.

Though, Xverify removes the risky addresses, which can harm your email delivery rate. But, it is immoderate for marketers with low budget small scale industries due to the over-priced model.


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5.  MailboxValidator –

A reliable cleaning & validation service that enhances the quality of your list. It empowers you to reach real customers by removing undelivered or bounced emails. Likewise, it helps you in increasing your Sender Score.

Mailbox Validator Tool

Features –

– Mailbox validator identifies void or inactive emails.
– It is a fully automated cleaning solution.
– Avail the clean result in a report signifying details of good or bad emails.
– Its plugin extension enables validation of contacts which supports various ESP networks.

Pricing –

No setup fee required in MailboxValidator. In fact,  you can simply take the plan and upload your email list.

Allows 30 days of validity where the basic plan starts from $19.95 for cleaning 1,000 queries (emails).


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6. ListWise –

Listwise is the world’s simple yet accurate email list cleaning service which prevents IP and SMTP servers from blacklisting.

ListWise never stores the email data on its own server, which gets cleaned through its API. Thus, it avoids violation of any email list rather ensures high data protection.

Listwise Cleaning Tool

Features – 

– It verifies emails in bulk and through API.
– Removes the spam traps and no-reply emails.
– Corrects the obvious typo errors automatically.
– Maintains the cleaned results for about 90 days in the account.

Pricing – 

The plans are available with one-time and monthly payment option, excluding the taxes. But, the verification process and features are the same for both the payment options.

Its initial plan cleans up to 10,000 addresses in $40 which is quite expensive as compared to other services.


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7.) DataValidation –

An email list cleaning platform that gets you rid off hard bounces. And, it revamps your marketing results with increased return on investment (ROI).

The tool promise to refund back money if you got more than 1% bounce rate while sending emails to the same list, which got cleaned using their service.

Dat validation service

Features –

– DataValidation is GDPR compliant and it can verify contacts on EU servers.
– Provides a free quality report of the cleaned email list.
– Its verification report includes the country details of email address’s origin.
– Verification API for bulk and Real-Time cleaning.

Pricing –

Offers a different range of possibilities which allows you to opt for a one-time list cleaning plan or you can switch to any verification pack or subscription plan as well.


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8. EmailListVerify –

 Over time, EmailListVerify has achieved the immense trust of users across the globe. It provides the list of actual and valid customers, which you can use for sending bulk emails.

 It not only protects the domain reputation but also, contributes to boosting open rates of an email marketing campaign.

Email list verify service
Features – 

– Provides easy reports for a better understanding of the clean results.
– Effortless email verification & cleaning process ensuring data security.
– Quickly connect with any email server.
– Real-time API verifies the addresses before they get into your contact list. 

 Pricing – 

There is no monthly subscription, so you can pay for the total email addresses that you want to clean. Apart from this, all the plans include API feature with no expiry of credit limits.


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Conclusion –

Email marketing upshots depends on the quality of your email list. Thus, it is crucial to get your list cleaned before sending any bulk emails.

And now you are also thorough with the best email list cleaning tools which are available in the market. So, depending on your email marketing budget, you can start with any service mention in the above list.


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