{Resolved} AWeber: Import Being Manually Reviewed

May 16, 2020 / Email Verification


AWeber is one of an email marketing service that is helping large business reaches its clients. They offer advanced automation and features which helps business carry their marketing strategy to another level.

The major aspect that owns the success of AWeber is email deliverability which was managed by making strict email sending regulations.

One such regulation is checking the quality of the subscriber list that is being imported in the AWeber account.
They have assigned a dedicated team that 24*7 checks on all the subscribers’ list that are uploaded over AWeber account.¬† They check the quality of the subscriber list imported based on various aspects which obviously they won’t be sharing with us.

When you import a subscriber list in AWeber account, you will see the import status of whether the import was accepted or rejected. One such importing status is “Import Being Manually Reviewed”.


Why your import is being manually reviewed?

That’s because the subscriber list does not have enough information on how the subscribers have opted to that list, from which website they have opted, what was the date, and most importantly whether those email addresses are valid or not.


You will have to 100% ensure that the subscriber list holds all information associated with every single subscriber that is on the list. Besides this, you will have to make sure that the email addresses must be valid, else your import will be rejected directly if there are a lot of invalid email addresses on your subscriber list.

So in order to make sure your subscriber list has only valid emails, you will have to get your email list cleaned with the third-party email list cleaning service like EmailsNDomains.



EmailsNDomains is a leading email list cleaning service provider that helps business to clean their subscriber list. They ensure to remove bad, invalid, spam, and poor email addresses from your subscriber’s list. The best part about EmailsNDomains is that they provide a result for each email address and you can see how a particular email address is considered valid.

By cleaning your email list with EmailsNDomains, you will be able to increase your email deliverability and make more business conversions too.


Final Thoughts

Whatever regulation AWeber has enabled for importing the subscriber list in the account has ultimately helped out their customers only. They are able to achieve more email deliverability, more open rate, and generate more business conversions.

That’s what should be the goal of any email marketing service, and it looks like AWeber has been consistently delivering to its customers.

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