6 Crazy Hacks To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

November 11, 2018 / Email Marketing

Email Marketing.!!

That’s what is one of the leading marketing strategies currently followed by most of you for your business or services. The main reason behind this is they you can easily reach prospects, market products, connect with new people and yes, its one of the cheapest marketing strategy with some unimaginable results if done properly.

Probably, you would agree with the above fact but would certainly have one of the below questions in your mind rounding off now –

  • I’m not happy with the performance of my email campaigns. What should I do now…?
  • My email campaigns are not getting me the expected results. Do I missed something to implement..?
  • What I can do to improvise or uplift the performance of my email marketing campaigns…?

Now moving further get the solution for above questions,  you must observe, or rather you should determine the factors that are affecting your email campaigns.

To make this rigorous process easy, here are some proven hacks s that will guide you on how to carry out a successful series of email campaigns.

1.) Know Your Target Audience


The first and foremost step in planning an email campaign is, to know about your target audience. You cannot suddenly decide to send emails to generic people which comprise individuals not upholding any interest in your service.

In fact, email campaigns should be always sent to the intended audience.

For instance;  If a marketer of an online woodcutting store sends a campaign to 2 kinds of contact lists – List A comprises 500 email addresses of – wholesalers, intermediates & consumer of woodcutting tools and List B consists of 10K emails of – corporates and management interns.

Now, which type of recipients will open the email template related woodcutting equipment?

Hands down, it will be List A, who are more likely to click the template that matches their interests and have the valued information which can fulfill their requirement.

Now, after knowing that your firm’s product can interests which kind of people only then you should start sending them emails. Otherwise, people who are not interested in your service will ultimately mark your emails as spam, which as a consequence will ruin your domain reputation and will start affecting your email deliverability rate. So try to accumulate the target audience through web forms, personal contacts, social sites & various other sources.

2.) Clean Your Email List


Do you know that the email list you have holds an ample number of duplicate, bad, invalid or inactive email addresses that can for sure be going increase the bounce rate for your email campaigns?

So, it’s insignificant that how you’ve generated leads (target audience), all that matters, it should be cleaned and bounce free.

Since every Email Marketing Software(EMS) measures the per email campaign performance of their client and immediately block the account if bounce rate increases. So getting your list cleaned is an essential process before sending bulk emails.

Also, there are multifarious “Email List Cleaning Services” that can validate any email list and remove bad email addresses to make it bounce free. You can look for them and can go with anyone to clean your email list prior before sending emails.

3.) Choose Your Type Of Email


75% of people want to get permission-based emails first before any campaign. So one must decide the type of email to be sent to prospects for bulk emailing. The selected type of email will be your foundation for further marketing strategies.

In order to make you understand about these complex types, below are the summarized information about them –

  • Transactional Emails,
  • Relational Emails, and
  • Promotional Emails.

Transactional Emails are the emails where the sender and recipient accelerate the stipulated purchasing activities related to the purchased item like – signup confirmation emails, welcome messages, payment notifications, receipt Information etc.. They are often termed as triggered based emails. These emails get 4 to 8 times more opens and clicks than non-transactional emails.

Relational Emails are concerned with providing some sort of information related to the subscribed product/service to the users. Generally contains information about the product qualities or its feature updates.

Promotional Emails are sent to boost up the sales and make people aware of the products/services. They include running offers/discount coupons to publicize any product.

As many email marketing agency’s deliveries depend on the type of emails. Therefore; before selecting any EMS you should know the type of email which you will be sending to your audience.

4.) Select the Ideal Email Marketing Service


The results of your email marketing campaigns rely upon the software used for mass emailing. Make sure to go for professional bulk email platforms which endeavor major qualities like-

  • Manage your sending,
  • Offers high deliverability rates,
  • Provides explicit features for designing & sending automation emails, and
  • Easy, simple and without any technostress.

Keeping above elements in mind choose the EMS on which you lay your money on. There are multiple email sending application available in the market, like MailChimp, Moosend, Seninblue, Drip, Constant Contact and many more. You can compare them based on pricing and features, and can go with anyone.

5.) Draft Expressive Email Campaign


All email clients review what’s written in an email and then delivers accordingly in the mailbox of your users.  So, always send an email marketing campaign with well-organized content which has a proper piece of information, conveying the exact meaning of what you want to express.

Pay high attention to the quality of content, because in the end it all matters to what your recipient reads. Below are some tips which will assist you to land your emails in inbox.

Relevant Subject Line –

The percentage of users who reads email on mobile devices is 66%, out which 33% admitted that they open an email on the basis of its subject line. Thus you can conlcude that to get good Click-Through-Rates (CTR), run an email marketing campaign with articulative subject lines, which is relevant to the body text of your email.

Personalized Tags –

When you receive an email with your first/last name or designation etc. then, chances of viewing that particular newsletter is more compared to any other email. Personalizing emails show a concern that the email is actually for the recipient so that they can relate with themselves. So until now if you’re not personalizing your email campaigns, you should start doing from today onwards.

Images & Links –

Use of graphic image has been increased since they catch the eye instantly. But sometimes, by default an email with image is sent undisclosed, so the recipient of that email has to actually click on the enable option to see that image. Until then, the image is not displayed and due to this reason, the text written on the image gets dispensed completely. So try not to overwrite the content on the image.

In addition, make sure to add 3 to 4 valid links in an email and not more than this. Surely these few tips will help in making your content more valuable to get better open-rates.

6.) Evaluate Performance & Monitor Future Activities


No activity/task is completed without measuring its performance. Likewise, in email marketing, if you’ve not done a proper assessment or followup of the current campaign outcome then you cannot improve your future conversion rates. The aim should not be of sending bulk emails rather review results from the campaign, and correspondingly making the desired changes to enhance the results from future email campaigns.

Here are some obligatory actions which should be taken after sending a email campaign –

Send Auto-followup Email

There are possibilities where the recipients have not opened your email template even though they receive it. So what you can do is that, you can schedule an auto follow-up email for them. With this, another series of email will be sent to the people who missed to check your emails, which will ultimately give another chance to connect with them, or more importantly will increase email campaign performance.

Segment & Track Your Email List

Use google analytics, tracking links, advance report given by your EMS along with open/clicks/unsubscriber’s information etc. to filter your list like on a country, gender, time, location and many more. With filtration, you can better explore your email list and can create better email campaigns.

Sending Emails To Open List

If you have segmented your open list and then sending them emails can definitely increase your conversion rates and that will also help you in increasing your email delivery for future campaigns.

Always measure your email’s performance with previous campaigns and see where you are lacking, on which stage you need to focus more, follow-up your users and such analysis will enhance your email marketing results.


So keep in mind, all the strategies mentioned above which will guide you for effective email marketing campaigns, get you better results with increased CTR and open rates and helps you in achieving expected goals from an email blast.

Let me know which of the above-mentioned hacks works for your email campaigns…?

And in case I missed something, the comments box is all yours. Feel free to acknowledge me there.

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